Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Today In History

Today, as I sat back in my fourth grade practicum, I listened to the teacher tell the students about today in history. Today, in 1986 space shuttle Challenger took off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, yet ended very tragically. This was a chance for ordinary people to explore space, people like you and I. A teacher, I'll say it again a "teacher" was aboard the shuttle to be set free into space. 73 seconds later, the shuttle exploded in mid air as millions of viewers watched. Today, in class as this was being talked about boys were saying things like "cool", "wow, thats awesome", "I want to see this".. Instantly my heart grew heavy, these children do not understand. No, it wasn't their fault, the teacher never mentioned anyone dying, or maybe they didn't read between the lines, like I had. Never had I heard that the takeoff was delayed six days due to weather and technical difficulties. Although this may have seemed long, those six days were a gift to the families of those lost, a gift no one recognized until the fateful day was over. As the unnecessary comments continued throughout the classroom, my stomach turned. As we watched the live footage from 1986, that seventy-three seconds seemed like a lifetime to me. A lifetime full of hope, new possibilities, adventure, only to be cut short without notice. Finally the teacher addressed the issue of the comments, "have some respect, people died you know," she said. No I don't think they realized it, until you just said that. But I hope for a second that their young souls can feel sorrow. That they can recognize when something hurts many others. Sure, they weren't alive, but someday they will want the sympathy many of those families still do today. Today, in history....

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Fiance Guy

Every week day, I get up and make Corey his lunch for the day. Yes, he is lucky and he knows it. There is just something about food. I love it! All of it, especially sweets. Anyways the last few weeks we have made an a dinner list for two week periods and then not go to the store during this time because we are trying to stay on budget haha thats a joke. So anyways,today after I have left for my classes Corey asked me if I wanted twice baked potatoes, or homemade mashed potatoes. Lets just say I struggled with the decision, his twice baked potatoes make my mouth water just thinking about them. However, now that we have been together for two and half years he has made them probably 10 times more a year then he used to, like at least once a week if not more. Anyways, I decided to have him make mashed potatoes and I started them when I got home.....But I am NOT a cook! I attempt every now again but its not my cup of tea, unless it is a desert. So I had the potatoes boiling for at least an hour before he got home, and then of course those were finished before the main dish. So there I sat there fake crying for food, and I'm serious, like waaaaing for at least 30 seconds because I think I'm starving. "Just bring me a plate full of potatoes and gravy pleaaaasssee," I beg. Well when dinner is finally ready, he brought me literally a half plate full of mashed potatoes, by this point I wasn't even hungry anymore. I stare at the plate, and laugh hysterically, I cannot believe my eyes. He's got to be joking right. Nope I asked for a plate full and thats what I got. Lets just say I didn't finish them. The entire time I was eating all I thought to myself was why didn't he just save them so I could eat left overs tomorrow. I was getting mad, because this was obviously a waste of food. But then I walked into the kitchen and saw one of the large mixing bowls still half full of potatoes. Apparently, I wasn't suppose to cut peel and cut up 8 potatoes to boil. How was I suppose to know?? Now here is a little history of Corey and I. In 2010 he was the IC (incident Commander) of Rail Canyon Fire. This was my first fire, and I was the one to spot this fire and call it in after a storm passed. He worked on the repel crew, and I am on a hand crew. At this time he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend. A few months pass and he starts talking to me on facebook and I literally have no idea who he is, or why he is talking to me. His pick up line was "I'll be your huckleberry" from Tumbstone, a movie at that time I had never heard of. We began talking daily, on the internet, and I would never answer my phone when he called because I was nervous. How childish, I know. Our first date, he took me to the local car show dance, which was full of older people like 50+, no one my age at all. Then I went back home for the the fire season, and he transferred to the local district to be on an engine. And there it began, we actually went on assignment together and my boss was the Crew boss of that assignment so we kept it hush, hush.I became impressed with his fire knowledge, and of course his good looks. I then traveled to South Carolina with him that winter and we got a puppy together. October of this year he proposed, on a god awful hike. I was not pleasant to be around. But all in all I wouldn't trade him or his cooking for anything else (:
This was the first picture taken of us on our first assignment together.
This is our little girl, Koa.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


It’s a new year, yet I’m still doing the same things. As time changes, how many of us really change? Today my table is covered with random papers, notebooks, binders, textbooks, and of course a few snacks. Every morning I wake up, drink coffee, get ready, eat breakfast and watch the news. This probably sounds familiar to many of you. As my day progresses I go to school for hours on end, walk or play fetch with my dog, do some homework, and watch t.v. Does my life not sound boring? Today, I’m doing the same movements I did yesterday, as I will tomorrow. As I reflect on this year, I realize although my life is not changing drastically every moment, I am happy for who I am and what I have become. I am happy everyday being around my FiancĂ©, enjoying the beauty of what surrounds me, and making the most out of everything. I have recognized too young that life does not work how you want it and those that you love will leave this world way before “they are suppose to”. It made me bitter, but also more thankful. As the New Year begins I challenge myself to recognize the change that has personally challenged me throughout the year. More so, I challenge myself not to be bitter, but to be better and find the beauty in each situation. However, I can guarantee that tomorrow my coffee table will still be covered, and I will still drink coffee and watch the daily news and I don’t plan to change that.