Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Over the weekend I received an unexpected call from my bubba,also known as Luke (my big brother). Luke is 11 years older than me and has always been my hero.Literally in every aspect of my life. You know how little girls look up to their dads? Not me, I look up to my brother.Currently he lives in Texas and I hadn't spoken to him in quite sometime because his phone broke and well he didn't want to spend time getting it fixed. Anyways we talked about the normal stuff, kids, school, work, romance so on so forth. Then I asked him if he had gone to see the Lone Survivor yet. Luke spent 8 years in the Navy putting computer tracking systems into military airplanes and helicopters and is still doing it today just not under the Navy. A few summers ago he sent me this book to read, it was a must, and he would force me to read it if he had too. Well that wasn't the case, it took me less than a week to finish it on a fire assignment. We discussed the difference in the book and movie and I was shocked by how much he remembered. Every little detail, he knew this book front to back and to be honest I had his copy. It made me realize how much we forget when it comes to details and reinforces why most the time books are better than movies. As our conversation ended he called me boo boo, I smiled thinking to myself I am 22 and he is still giving me nicknames. However that was the best part of our conversation. I know, that no matter where this guy is he will always have my back and will always be there for me. He is not only my brother and father figure but my best friend. So I thought I would share a poem with y'all I wrote a few years ago as a Christmas gift to him. This poem is about his relationship with my little brother we lost and how I viewed there relationship.
Brothers you will always be, How special you both are to me. Time with you is never enough, The way you both thought you were so tough. I wish for one more time I could hear the : Sh*t talking -Joke Making -Girl talk you two did. That I could see the: UFC Fights - PS 2 playing - And target shooting. How I took for granted seeing you together, Even the things that are suppose to last forever. Not only were you his brother, but his guardian, idol and best friend. He strived to be like you until the end. Cling to the memories you two shared; Maybe he really is being spared? Luke and Kasey, are like no others, They are the worlds very best brothers. I apologize the poem is not in lines like I originally wrote it.


  1. Wow, that was incredible. You made me cry, just knowing your relationship with these two. Remember that Kasey is always your angel, looking over you, and cheering you on in life. I know he is very proud of you!!

  2. I enjoyed this poem because its clear you wrote it from the heart. It was easy for me to tell that you love both of your brothers. I think I'm going to give my little sister a call now. Thanks for the share:)

    1. Call your sister now! Or in the morning! it will mean more than you think (: